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About Us

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LA NUIT EDUN is inspired by vintage elegance in an attempt to reestablish its enduring spirit and beauty in a playful new way. We aim to treat you to unique and beautiful designs that make you love yourself and enhance your art of seduction. A nightwear that challenges you to reveal your depths and create more magic and mystery in your evenings.


Ethically designed and made in London by skilled local dressmakers with premium fabric. The process of inlaying the lace is very delicate and can take hours to be crafted. The nightgowns are cut on the bias for an impeccable fall. Where possible, all our products are finished with french seam and rolled hem. Fabrics are carefully selected and some are up-cycled. Therefore our collections come in very limited quantities. 



Let’s go back to the roots and make clothes that actually fit you! We take made-to-measure orders and send them within 3-10 business days.



We love new ideas and are happy to help you bring them to life!  If  you have a nightwear and lounge wear dream idea, we have the technical skills to create it for you!



We are diligently selecting only the best possible fabrics found at the local suppliers. They are soft, fine, lightweight, and present a luxurious touch and feel. We have experimented with Japanese silk made from very fine polyester. It presents the same touching benefits of pure silk, but it is not as delicate. It is much more durable, it can be washed, and stains can be easily removed at home without damaging the garments. Also, our velvet is crush-resistant and lustrous without being shiny.

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